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Irwin Abrams (1914-2010) was Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at Antioch University. He was regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on the Nobel Peace Prize and the history of the international peace movement. He appeared frequently on radio and television, including CNN, National Public Radio, BBC, and the CBC, and was often cited in the international press. His books included The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: An Illustrated Biographical History, 1901-2001, the authorized edition of the Nobel Peace Lectures, 1971-2005, and Words of Peace. He was educated at Stanford University and received his Ph.D from Harvard University.

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Irwin Abrams


BIO: A full-length biographical sketch

PROFILE: "Irwin Abrams: Historian and Champion of the Nobel Peace Prize" by Peter van den Dungen (2005) [PDF - 126 KB]

AUDIO FILE: "What It Means to be a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee." Interview with Irwin Abrams on All Things Considered, National Public Radio (2005) [MP3 - 2 MB]

PHOTO: Irwin Abrams at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo (2005)

AUDIO FILE: "The Nobel Prize: Looking Back at the Women Who Have Won." News segment featuring Irwin Abrams from The Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4 (2005) [MP3 - 4 MB]

PROFILE: "Carter's Award Thrills Local Historian" by Diane Chiddister (2002)

NEWS STORY: "Carter's Nobel Prize Elates Antioch Professor" by Derek Ali (2002)

PROFILE: "Envis Nobelhistoriker fick rätt efter elva år" by Ami Lönnroth (2002) Swedish [PDF - 271 KB]

PHOTO: Irwin Abrams with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at Nobel Banquet (2002)

NEWS STORY: "Sending a Message with the Peace Prize" (2002)

PROFILE: "Documenting the Peacemakeers" by Diane Chiddister (2002)

INTERVIEW: "A Century of Laureates: The Nobel Peace Prize at 100" by Susan Lumenello (2001) [PDF - 536 KB]

INTERVIEW: "Medals of Honor: 100 Years of the Nobel Peace Prize" by Rebecca Sweat (2001)

INTERVIEW: "Vier livet til fredsprisen" by Halvor Elvik (2001) Norwegian [PDF - 145 KB]

PROFILE: "Profile of a Peace Historian" by Charles Chatfield (1994)