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Related Links & Resources The Nobel Foundation.

Official Website of the Nobel Foundation. The Nobel e-Museum (NEM) is an excellent source for all the Nobel prizes, Alfred Nobel & the laureates. Of particular interest are on-line exhibits of Nobel Stamps and the books in Alfred Nobel’s personal library. The Peace Prize section contains essays by scholars of the prize and the peace movement, including Irwin Abrams, Emeritus Professor of History, Antioch University, Geir Lundestad, Secretary to the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1990, and Øyvind Tønnesson, Peace editor of the NEM. The Nobel Channel

The Nobel Channel is also a resource for all the prizes. Outstanding graphically with extensive use of multimedia, the Nobel Channel includes video clips of interviews with Nobel laureates and their lectures and a biographical timeline of Alfred Nobel. It is not as good a historical resource on the Nobel laureates as the NEM. It also features a broad selection of Nobel-related links as well as those to the plug-in applications required for maximum usage. The Nobel Institute

Website of the Norwegian Nobel Institute (English version). Less elaborate in design as the Nobel Foundation site. The site features the full text of recent Peace Prize Laureate Announcements and their Lectures, a description of the Institute’s Library, contact information for staff members and concise bibliography of Peace Prize resources. Norbert’s Better World Links.

Large, varied site by German physician with thousands of links concerning issues such as Economics, Education, the Environment, Human Rights, Peace, Politics, Religion, and Social Justice. An exceptional resource.

The following are links to selected Laureate Organization Web Sites and biographical information on some individual Laureates. American Friends Service Committee

Official Website of the AFSC (1947). Quality user-friendly site primarily devoted to the current activities of the AFSC. For research, the page includes a timeline of the Committee’s history and an online exhibit about the 1947 with links to related sites. Access to the AFSC archives is available for further research. Official Website of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1917, 1944, 1963). Impressive site available in English, French and Spanish versions. As with the AFSC, the site is dedicated to current events and publications, and it also contains a brief but detailed history of the organization and access to the ICRC archives for further research. Official Website of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (1985). A brief history with an excellent list of links to affiliate organizations and sites related to the humanitarian campaigns of the IPPNW. East Timor Action Network (ETAN).

The World Wide Web’s most detailed online resource on the crisis in East Timor, Indonesia and its two Nobel laureates, Bishop Carlos Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta (1996). Excellent background information Tibet Online

Website of the movement to free the nation of Tibet is dedicated to the 14th Dalai Lama (1989). A very large site with abundant historical information on Tibet and the Dalai Lama. Includes his acceptance speech and articles from internet publishers. Site also features links to the many international organizations that make up the Tibetan Support Group. International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Official Website of the ICBL (1997). Well-organized frame-based site allows the user to navigate several pages while the site index remains constantly in view. Also designed with an eye toward the present, the ICBL website includes a short history of its brief, remarkable existence under “Campaign Info.” Of interest is the full text of the MineBan treaty and related documents and the links to member organizations. Doctors Without Borders

Official Website of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), awarded the prize in 1999. Includes a brief history, a timeline since 1971, and the acceptance speech by Dr. James Orbinski, President of the MSF International Council.

Special thanks to Scott Sanders for compiling this resource list